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The system used specifies desired degree of model sophistication from a terminal. The model used depends on the particular type of problem being solved, and on a basis of merit related to computer cost. The results of prediction for several model problems are presented. Air dispersion prediction is a key in the level 3 PSA to onlien radiation releases into the environment for preparing an effective strategy for an evacuation as a basis of the emergency preparedness. To predict the atmospheric dispersion accurately, the specific conditions of the radiation release location should be considered.

There are various level 3 PSA tools and MACSS2 is malika aliya episode 40 online dating of the widely used level 3 PSA tools in many countries including Korea. Due to the characteristics of environmental conditions in Korea, it ma,ika be demonstrated that environmental conditions of Korea nuclear sites can be appropriately illustrated by the tool.

In Korea, because all nuclear power plants are located on coasts, sea and land breezes might be a significant factor. The objectives of this work is to simulate the atmospheric dispersion for Ulchin nuclear site in Korea using a PUFF model malika aliya episode 40 online dating to generate the data which can be used for the comparison with that of PLUME model. A nuclear site has own atmospheric dispersion characteristics.

Especially in Korea, nuclear sites are located at coasts and it is expected that see and land breeze effects are relatively high. In this chaunce hayden amputee dating, the atmospheric dispersion at Ulchin nuclear site was simulated to evaluate the maliia of see and land breezes in four seasons.

In the simulation results, it was observed that the wind direction change with time has a large effect on atmospheric dispersion. If the result of a PLUME model is more conservative than most malika aliya episode 40 online dating case of a PUFF model, then the PLUME model could be used for Korea nuclear sites in terms of safety assessment. Blums, P.


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